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We are currently accepting applications for assistance. If you need help providing Christmas gifts for your children, please message us or send us an email.

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Help Us Help The Famlies Of Wellsville.
All proceeds go towards our mission of making sure no child wakes up with out christmas gifts.
Christmas is quickly approaching and we have families who need help.
You will make a difference this christmas.

Our Story

Secret Santa's of Wellsville

Secrets Santa's of Wellsville began 15 years ago with a little unknown act of kindness.
A neighbor of ours's had lost his wife just before Christmas.
The two had a son and a daughter. Both were young enough to still believe in Santa Claus.
I asked the dad what he was going to do? He said, "I don't know she always took care of Christmas." It was that moment I knew I had to help.
Later that evening, I sat my boys down who were classmates with the son.
We discussed the situation and the boys offered to help by giving their Christmas gifts to the neighbors.
So that's what we did, we wrapped up the gifts dropped them off. This one act of kindness sparked an idea that turned into our mission.

Our Mission

Make sure that no kid in Wellsville wakes up Christmas morning without a gift.

This simple mission statement has driven our purpose. Secret Santa's Of Wellsville is a nonprofit 501c group.
Learn about the tax benefits of donating to a 501c click here.
Every penny and every toy donated to us stays right here in Wellsville and goes to helping the children of Wellsville.

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Our Secret Santas

Making Christmas happen for those children in need; through hard work and dedication


Tammy Jackson


I founded this organization over 15 years ago with a simple gesture to help a neighbor.


Sarah McAfee


My superpower is tracking money. I make sure we can successfully uphold our mission financially.


Rachele Fultz

Community Out Reach

I work throughout the community. I am the eyes and ears for Secret Santa's of Wellsville.

Happy Children
Years of Service

Our Past Event

Congratulations to the lucky winner of the beautiful cedar top bar

Secret Santa's Of Wellsville raffled off this gorgeous 9 foot long, cedar bar, handcrafted by Bob Hunt! A perfect addition to any man cave or she-shed!

How You Can Help

Help Us Help The Families Of Wellsville.
All proceeds go towards our mission of making sure no child wakes up without Christmas gifts.
Christmas is quickly approaching, and we have families who need help.

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